About VDays

When Are VDays?

VDays take place on the 4th Friday through Sunday every month. Mark your calendars!

Special Member Rewards & Benefits

During the 3-day VDays event, our loyal members can enjoy exclusive access to deals including:


  • Extra low purchase thresholds for coupons.
  • Exclusive high-discount coupons.

Extra Points

  • Earn 5X points on every order placed during VDays.

Rewards Redemption

Limited-edition merch & VS products will be made available for redemption in the Points Store during the event.

And More!

We have additional special promotions and surprise rewards in the works. Stay tuned for more details!

How It Works

Gaining access to all these amazing VIP-only deals is easy - simply create an account on our website. Membership is free and only takes 2 minutes to sign up!

Questions about VDays? Contact us at official@vivosun.com! We look forward to delivering special savings and treats to our loyal member community at each monthly event!